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Q: I noticed other rebuilt rotary engines on the internet, what makes your engines better then theirs?
A: Well no one can claim they have the best engines. But experience makes the difference in quality and precision.

Q: Some web sites say "Each engine core is disassembled and meticulously cleaned. Numerous machining processes are performed as allowed by Mazda Factory OEM specifications." Why doesn't your site say that?
A: That is a ploy to make you think something special is done. In reality they have sacrificed the longevity by surfacing the plates and housings. The plates / housings have a hardened layer (coating if you will) that is designed to withstand the friction and heat of a rotary engine. If a plate needs to be surfaced, we throw it away...

Q: Why don't you offer 3mm apex seals?
A: We do not offer 3mm apex seals because you have to modify the rotors. by doing this you weaken the rotor's apex. We have seen many engines fail due to chipping of the rotor apex. But if you really want it you can supply the parts and we will install them.

Q: There are so many Rotary Engine Builders to choose from. How do I know who is better at what they do.
A: That's easy. There are only a handful of Great rotary engine builders in the US. One of the top names you have defiantly heard of, was taught by David Myers just like Scott was.
Q: My rx7 won't start. I have checked for spark and every thing looks ok, it just turns over, Why?
A: Fuel injected Rx7's are known for flooding. you need to disconnect the crank angle sensor and remove the spark plugs. Then start the car, let the engine turn over until the fuel is purged from the engine. now install your cleaned spark plugs and re-connect the crank angle sensor. It should fire rite up. Also it's a good idea to connect a battery charger to keep the battery at it's best while starting a flooded engine.

Q: How can I get more air to the engine. I have installed a Cold Air Charge, custom exhaust and performance injectors.
A: On injected engines only! Remove your "air induction boot" in the throttle body you will see a front butterfly and a rear butterfly. Remove the FRONT butterfly. this will increase the air flow.

Q: I have a non-turbo 86-91 rx7 and I want more fuel but don't have the money to buy all the trick stuff I see on the net. what can I do?
A: You can replace your secondary injectors with Turbo II injectors. This will increase the fuel in the 2500+ range. Note: check the voltage of your injectors and those of the Turbo, they must be the same... 1988 has different voltage injectors.

Q: My New R.D. engine is running rough and it won't idle. My mechanic can't get it to run properly, so I took it to the dealer and they said that the motor has low compression and that is why. They recommend a new engine?
A: 1st check for vacuum leaks, grounds, leaky injectors, Bad cold start valves. Bad B.A.C. valves. and when you install a engine you have a 50% chance of your (Wire harness going bad) do to the heat of the engine.
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