Apex Seals
All of our rebuilt rotary engines are built with NEW apex seals.

Dependant upon which engine we will be building for you and if porting is involved we will use either Hurley Apex Seals or Race Grade Apex Seals. Both Hurley Apex Seals and Our Race Grade Apex Seals are stronger than any OEM Apex Seals. No matter which Engine and/or if porting is involved we always use NEW Apex Seals.

Below are pictures of the Apex Seals we use and specifications as to which Apex Seals are used for which Engine applications.
Apex Seals specifications and engine application use.
Atkins Apex Seals
- Are all produced to the highest quality and have proven extremely popular.
- We have sold many thousands worldwide, including many to the USA and to Japan.
- Long Life apex seals are 40% stronger then OEM

3mm Apex Seals
- Used in all TURBO engine packages.

- 3MM Seals have 700% more bending strength and are 85% harder than the current after market seals our competitors use.
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